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On 10 Aug 1999, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> If anybody sees spam come to this list, please forward a copy
> (with as many headers as possible) to me so I can put the
> appropriate filter in on the server.

Isn't it preferable to report the spammer to the administrator of
the server of origin?  It's no greater work than filtering, hassle
gets shared more consciously by the spammer, and, I kinda like
receiving spam now--traceroute, whois, and heh, "yer toast..."

"Please be advised that the account used to violate our
Net-Abuse Policy has been disabled. If you receive any
further correspondence from this source, please let us know."

> FWIW, this list should be as spam-free as any list can get...
> I've got every anti-spam thing sendmail 8.9 can do turned on,
> including RBL.

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