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Re: Linux Demo Day

"Burke, Jason" wrote:
> Well, If everything was left up to me (and at this point it seems like
> that's a possibility) I would contact Best Buy (since they are one of
> the only distributors of Linux in the area) or the mall, and see if they
> would be interested in hosting the demo day on a saturday. To pull it
> off we would need a couple of things:
> 6-8 computers of varying speeds running various distros.
> 2 large signs with the words "Linux Demo Day" on them.
> 1 large table
> 1 server computer running a apache.
> a monstrous amount of business cards for LUCI
> Flyers describing the benefits of Linux, and other related things.
> 8 people who are willing to answer questions, and give people
>    a 5 minute walk through on the system.
> Aside from this we would need to start advertising now for this event
> through WYMG, State Journal Register, etc. So if you're interested
> in helping out with this let me know ASAP, so we can get everyone
> together and hammer down the planning stage. We'll have the demo
> day on either the 12th or the 18th of September (hmmm..maybe both
> days would be good, at two different locations), so if you already have
> something planned then we understand, however if you don't and you're
> not coding free software, then this is a great way to give back to the
> Linux community.

The important thing is to keep asking businesses.  Up here with the
Peoria group, we've gotten a lot of those things taken care of for
free.  The big mall here gives away space for organization,
tables/chairs/etc included.  Some print shops have either donated or
gave a deal to only charge the cost of materials for banners, tshirts,
radio spots, etc.  So that took care of quite a bit, now we just have to
figure out what to actually show. :)  If anyone wants to come up, it'll
be Sunday the 12th, noon to 5pm or so.

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