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Re: Another Funky PC Case.

On 16 Aug 1999, cloudmaster wrote:
> Just a few transistors and a few resistors as a voltage divider
> with an incandescent light, the neon would be a little harder...
> You could have varying shades of neon, making the case appear
> redder with greater load [...]

Hadn't considered how neon acted with varying voltage, but yeah,
you're correct, color variation.  Found this nice intro to the physics
of gas discharge tubes, and the colors for neon are right on target.

I suppose they didn't use incandescent because it would be another
source of heat in the case.  Too bad though, I was thinking it'd be
nice to have the intensity diminish with load, sorta like those movies
where the lights dim when the switch is thrown on the electric chair.

Also think it'd be better with frosted plexiglass...

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