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scsi and ide

I am relatively new to setting up boxes that use both scsi and ide drives,
and its coming through on the new install I am trying.
I have a single scsi card that is found during the os install, along with
two 2gig drives attached, which are also found. On the ide ports, i have a
270meg drive, a 4 gig drive, and a 12 gig drive.

I can go through fdisk and partition all of them, and even specify mount
points for each, however once it comes time to create the fs on them, then
scsi bomb out and an error is returned which pretty much kills the

I can install the os on just the ide, or just the scsi, but not across
both. And, when i do install it on just the scsi, each drive can only have
one ext2 partition. if I try to put more than one partition on a drive, I
get the same error as before.

Does any of this sound familiar as far as installs go? Someone out there
*has* to have a scsi/ide machine running.


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