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Re: Xclients from 8bit to 16bit machine

Erich Schroeder said:
>   I have my nice new video card, but I find that when I run remote X
> sessions from the Suns to my machine the colors can get mixed up. I
> can fix that by running my X in 8bit, but then my desktop isn't pretty.
> This still is a problem even if I run an XDM session from the Sun. 

The problem is that the current version of XFree can only do either
PseudoColor (8 bit) or TrueColor (16, 24, and 32 bit) visuals.  The
stuff on the Sun is probably just assuming a PseudoColor visual, so
when they get a TrueColor visual they're all screwed up.  "Real" Unix
boxes tend to be able to do both, with the default visual being either
PseudoColor or TrueColor.

The release notes for the XFree 4 betas seem to indicate that they're
trying to add that capability to XFree, but in the mean time what I
usually do is just "X -query othermachine -bpp 8 :1".

The other problem could be that you're running 24 bpp, which a lot of
programs have trouble with for some reason.  Run 16 or 32 bpp.

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