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Re: Meeting A&O && SHS

On Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 04:53:14PM -0500, Burke, Jason wrote:
> I've stayed away from UIS and Lincoln Land because they are
> a bit out of town and kind of a pain to get to, but aside from the
> museum I agree with you that this is probably our best bet (now
> it's just a matter of contacting the right person). At one time we
> were hopeful that Springfield High School would be willing to 
> host it, but the few dealings that I have had with the high school 
> have lead me to believe that they aren't interested in assisting us.

Sadly, SHS is never too open to allow access to its facilities, even though it
does have a lab full of (slow 386) networked Linux machines with a decent
server (K6 266).  With SHS, something like an installfest would more than
likely out of the question due to its not having a direct link to education or
something similar; understandable, I guess.  

At the meeting tonight, I brought a fellow student from SHS, Derek Vincent,
who has been learning Linux for about a month or two previously.  His comments
were a mix of positive and negative.  He seemed amazed when Steve was able to
hotswap and access a flash memory card under Linux without doing anything
really complicated-looking, as well as seeing some of the more end-user office
applications.  From what I gathered, he really didn't care too much for the
talk about people and programmers seen aroud, as he probably knew little about
them, or didn't know what they had done to appreciate seeing them.  There were
a few other things he mentioned in the car, but at this point in time, my mind
has become muddled. :)

One last thing he commented on was Linux Mentors.  I know that there is
student interest in a Linux Mentors group at SHS.  It's possible that I can
get signatures of at least 10 people interested in the project and submit a
request for consideration to Dr. Chiles, the principal at SHS.  Jason, if
you'd like to do this, just give me a holler and I'll put together a small
draft of what could be submitted and allow you to modify it as needed.


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