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Re: SUSE and WP8

On Sat, 30 Oct 1999, Walt Black wrote:

> Hello,
Some things snipped out...

> I have a question for the SUSE users :  Where is Word Perfect 8 in the five
> disks or on the computer ?  Where is Star Office?  Are these run from KDE?
> I don't see the answers to these questions in th "How Tos".

I'm not sure on WP, I didn't find it also, but did a big download. If you
want it, really the best thing is to buy the cd from linux.corel.com.

Star Office, and other shareware and demo programs, are in the "pay"
grouping of RPMs. Start up YAST and set the installation as you did before
to get your svga driver. Then go through the packages to find the "pay"

There may also be a separate grouping just for star office.

Good luck,

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