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Re: Happy New Almost-Millenium

Tesla Coil wrote:
> On 31 Dec 1999, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> > It is now, as of this writing, nine minutes past midnight
> > Universal Time, which is what many (if not most) Linux
> > boxes are set to.  So, let me be the first to wish you all
> > a Happy New Year!
> >
> > (No Y2K problems reported yet, at least in Debian...)
> Looks like I get to post the first message dated 2000.
> Xdaliclock displays the date as 1-01- 0 when you do
> a middle click.  So far, every other app I've checked
> that displays the date does so correctly.
> Wondering about the websites reported as displaying
> the year 19100 (US Naval Observatory among them).
> Wouldn't working from a four digit number have been
> easier from a programming standpoint anyway?

Well, the localtime() function returns a struct, where the year is the
number of years since 1900.  Some people don't get it, and prefix the
characters '1' and '9' in front of that, rather than doing the proper
thing, adding the number 1900.  It's a bug that's been in hiding in
their code for the last 100 years .. or so. :)

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