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Re: Happy New Almost-Millenium

Steven Pritchard wrote:
> Tesla Coil said:
> > Speaking of which, does anyone know the exact date
> > and time when the UN*X apocalypse would occur?
> osiris:~$ perl -e 'print scalar(localtime(2**31-1)), "\n";'
> Mon Jan 18 21:14:07 2038
> (That's CST.)
> osiris:~$ perl -e 'print scalar(gmtime(2**31-1)), "\n";'
> Tue Jan 19 03:14:07 2038
> (That's GMT or UTC or whatever they're calling it this week.)
> Actually, add one second to that for the apocalypse, because
> everything will be fine up to that point.  :-)

I thought it was sometime in May?  The caveat that this is only for
32-bit processors needs inserting.  By then I'll have a 15 Ghz 16-CPU
Alpha/K8/whatever picked up off eBay for $150 and only have to worry
about that 486/33 firewall/mail/web server I set up for a local shop and
they forgot all about and stingily refuse to spend money and upgrade. :)

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