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Re: dev. kernel problems

Tesla Coil wrote:
> On 28 Feb 2000, cloudmaster wrote:
> > I'm running kernel 2.3.47, and have been for a few days.  It's cool
> > that my USB CPIA camera seems to work OK (except for that
> > problem with the computer crashing after getting 20-30 images
> > or so), but I get this stuff in my warning log:
> >
> > Feb 28 20:45:51 pyro kernel: APIC error interrupt on CPU#0,
> > should never happen. [...]
> >
> > And it just keeps going on, every few minutes I get another
> > 4-5 lines in /var/log/warn.  It's getting kinda big... :)  Anyone
> > know what could cause this to happen on my (SMP) ABIT
> > BP6 motherboard?  I mean, it says right in the logs that it
> > should never happen, right?
> The SMP-HOWTO says that this "indicates a 'receive
> checksum error'. This cannot be caused by Linux as the
> APIC message checksumming part is completely in
> hardware. It might be marginal hardware. As long as
> you don't see any instability, they are not a problem -
> APIC messages are retried until delivered."
> Logging of these error messages dates back to 2.3.20
> Might hafta look at the interrupt handling and
> write some baling wire and duct tape in C...

I had some interrupt problems with the rtl8139 ethernet card in this SMP
system earlier (with 2.2 kernels), but that went away after I switched over
to an intel card.  I get no problems with a 2.2 kernel - except that USB
stuff doesn't work...  Then again, I can't get a bunch of USB stuff without
the system dying this way either, so I guess that's not overly important...

I took my 400MHz celerons down from 564 to 548, figuring that would be
enough to cure any overclocking-related issues.  Maybe I'll increase the
voltage, or redirect the logs to /dev/null... :)

--Danny, who will move to quad athlons before he runs these chips at their
rated speed (if only someone would make the motherboard)

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