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Re: delegating in-addr.arpa.

>     perl -e 'for ($n=0;$n<256;$n++) { print "$n\tIN\tNS\tns.foo.bar\n" }' \
>         >> /var/named/db.192.168.200
> It's ugly, but it will work.

	i see what you mean by it being ugly. it certainly does work,
	however it looks as though it causes an log entry stating that

	Feb 14 09:18:46 ns1 named[28352]: bad referral
	(200.168.192.in-addr.arpa !<
	from [].53

	i am going to tail the log and see just how often this hits
	the syslog. i doubt it will cause peformance problems, but
	just an fyi.

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