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Re: iptables on kernel2.4.1

charles@lunarmedia.net said:
> Perhaps I am using *too* new of modutils?
> the version on silug.org is 2.4.2-1
> I grabbed the -2 from redhat's rawhide ftp directory.

That should be fine, assuming you are running Red Hat 7 or something
else that uses glibc 2.2.

Perhaps you should try turning on connection tracking.

Oh, and if you are using RH7, be sure to add "CC=kgcc" to the make
command line when you build the kernel.  (It *should* work without
that though, assuming you have all the updates installed.  If you
don't, go do that now.  ftp://ftp.silug.org/pub/redhat/updates/7.0/)

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