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Re: Dell stops offering Red Hat on desktops (fwd)

You can go to whatever meetings you wish. Your sex, age, race, etc has no
relevance. You are welcome to attend any of the meetings you wish!

BTW, there is a group in Champaign, called IGLU. Contact kwaite10@home.com
(or kwaite@C382174-A.chmpgn1.il.home.com).

Good Luck!


PS. Sorry I didn't get this answered for you with your initial email!

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Chris H. wrote:

> This may appear to be off subject, and hey, it is...
> but, as you probably noticed, I'm a recent member of this mailing list
> and havn't attended a meeting yet...
> Here is the catch, I'm 14... Does that make me automatically have to go to
> that Newbie Night thing, or can I go to the normal nights as well?
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