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Request for Help from Sysadmins

Hey guys,

Sorry to call my LUG favors card, but I'm needing a few volunteers for
LPI. It possibly could result into a small paid project, but that is still
in the works.

Anyhow, I am needing a few Sysadmins with a few years experience with
Linux. I am needing Sr level sysadmins, but those who would consider
themselves "just qualified" to be a Sr admin, not super-gurus like Steven

This project is to help determine the passing score for the LPI Level 2
Certification exams. The whole project will consume probably around 10
hours total over the next two weeks. Definitely no more than 20, and
that's only if there is a lot of disagreement and discussion during the

If you're interested, please let me know! I really need the help!

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7360
Author, RHCE Exam Cram
Director of Exam Development            http://www.lpi.org/
Site Manager                            http://www.LinuxUsersGroups.org/

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