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I've got a mail system (postfix, not qmail) set up to deliver to
maildir-style home directory mailspools.  Specifically, $HOME/Maildir/.
Some users want to use procmail.  I am one of those users.  I set up
an /etc/procmailrc that sets DEFAULT and ORGMAIL to the correct
maildir, but for some reason, procmail *insists* on creating
/var/mail/$LOGNAME as soon as it gets a message.  It never delivers
there, due to the system-wide vars, but for some reason, it keeps
creating those empty files.  I guess it's fun to track who's using
procmail, but when that fun wears off (it's already worn off), does
anoyone know how to make it stop?  Empty files with no use annoy me.

BTW, procmail builds real nicely with rpm -ba -t procmail*.tgz - it's
nice to see someone building helpful tarballs once in a while. :)

--Danny, who appreciates pkgtool, but appreciates rpm more ;)
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