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Re: Pine and pop3


fetchmail is your friend :)


On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Ricky Bryce wrote:

> Is anyone currently using PINE to send and receive email messages on the
> internet?  I have Suse 7.2 running pine 4.33.  Although I can send out new
> email, I am unable to receive email messages (lack of knowledge on my part).
> >From the main menu, I go into setup, then press C for configuration.  Here I
> can enter the first 4 lines.  I am leaving the rest at default.  These first
> four lines contain my personal name, user and domain (rbryce@mcleodusa.net)
> and then the smtp server and nntp server.  I do not see where I can enter the
> pop3 server (mail.mcleodusa.net), or my account password.
> I went to the developers site where I learned that version 4.0 and greater do
> support pop3 servers, but cannot find any docutmentation on how to get the
> pop3 server to work.  Kmail works just fine, but I always like to use the
> text based tools.  I feel that if I can figure out where to put in the pop3
> server and password, I will be in good shape.
> I did notice that from the main menu, if I go into setup, there is the option
> to change the password, but pine is looking for a /bin/passwd file (looks
> like there should be a script there) but that is missing.  That might not
> have anything to do with the pop3 mail though.  Maybe I am overlooking
> something.  The HowTo's that I have looked at seem to skip over the pine
> configuration.
> If anyone has any suggestions they would greatly be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ricky Bryce

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