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dem dar worms...

At 10:37 PM 10/4/01 -0500, someone had this in their .sig:
>In software systems, it is often the early bird that makes the worm.
>           -- Alan J Perlis: Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN 1982

Ain't that something... a bit profound...

I didn't know worms existed in 1982!

Heck, I was plugging away on a 4K Commodore Pet teaching myself BASIC and 
assembly language pokin and peekin. I recall having an intense desire for 
one of those $800 state-of-the-art 8-inch floppy disk drives! This was just 
a few years after learning how to play Star Trek using punch cards and 
getting feedback (move updates) via teletype printers (man, I wasted a 
bunch of trees in those days!). Those were the days...

oh. sorry, I guess I'm showing my age.... *blush*


I go to bed now... need rest...
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