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Re: IP change and Sendmail drops return address

> I had to change the IP address of my server.  After
> resetting it the outgoing mail has a truncated return
> address (for some reason).  Instead of
> robert@sub.domain.com it's coming out robert@sub and you
> can't reply back to it (of course).  Anyone ever hear of this?

Did you *just* change the IP numbers & not the name? Is it possible that
your email client reads the domain name from a file, and that file no
longer contains the fully-qualified domain name?

What email client are you using? Could you experiment by sending an email
from the command line, like so:

   mail -s "test email" to@address.com

Type a short messages, and then end with a period on a new line.

And how does that look when it's received?


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