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Re: Building a Network

Here's what little help I can offer...

>I also recall something
>where Mr. Pritchard said he burned the third CD for the user group meeting.
>What's on that extra CD that I may need?

That 3rd CD had some kernel updates and bugfixes, along with some other 
things like KDE and GNOME, but the update is the only important thing and 
you should be able to download that. I'm guessing it would be from the 
redhat site.

>What about "naming" a computer? I don't recall ever seeing this?
>In the windoze box, in the networking dialog there is a tab where one can
>give the computer a name - how does this translate to Linux?

In your /etc directory there should be a two files hosts and HOSTNAME. (at 
least that's how it is on my box) Anyway, HOSTNAME holds the actual name of 
the computer, and that's it. hosts holds the IP addy of the box, the full 
hostname like www.linux.com and the maching name all on one line with other 
info like localhost and IPv6 on seperate lines.

Now, if I understand correctly, the cable modem is connected to the linux 
box, therefore, you would need to use iptables for the other computers to 
share the connection. For my computer, which shares a modem (hopefully not 
for long) with 2 others the command is as follows:

iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

As for the firewall issue, I'm not experieced with Red Hat so I'll let 
someone else talk about that, as well as correct any mistakes I'm sure I 
have made. :)

Hope this helps :)

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