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Re: How long does an IP address change take?

> It works most places, except AOL, NetZero, etc... still think it's the
old address.

Yeah -- I was guessing this from the moment you first mentioned it. AOL
uses caching web servers for their *incoming* web connections. I.e., AOL
customers may not see revised web sites for at least a day, sometimes
more, because they don't get to see the "live" copy -- just AOL's cache.

So, logically, DNS may work in the same way.  Just sit back & wait --
AOL will sort itself out.

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My first thought was.....why do you want AOL-ites to see it anyway?  : )

After reading Jay's post, I wondered, how is that possible? 1) Jay, how
did you learn that?  2) I am sure you mean IP info, and not actual
content (IOW, foxnews.com, etc., etc. showing yesterday's news).

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