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Re: How long does an IP address change take?

--- Jay Link <jlink@ilbbs.com> wrote:
> Robert, is it possible that we're also dealing with the
> cache on the
> client's computer? That is, could their browsers be set
> to "never update",
> and could the problem be solved by them simply refreshing
> their display?

I checked that first.  A lot of them either were not using
the internal DNS server and needed to ipconfig /release &
renew and/or arp -d.  I had them delete cookies, etc... 
Restart.  After all of that, when an offsite person still
had problems, I had them ping it to see what it resolved
to.  When it resolved to the old address, I assumed the
ISP's DNS was out of date.  

Q: Is the fact that I have a place holder in the old
address (doing a meta-redirect) causing this to persist
longer than necessary?

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