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SAMBA Permissions

I just installed Red Hat 7.2 on my home server.  I set it up with USER 
level security.  Unfortunately I have to run windows on my laptop because 
of work applications.  From the laptop I can access the samba shares on 
the server, but cannot write to the shares if I am connected as a standard 
user.  I have to connect as ROOT using the ROOT password in order to write 
to the share on the server.

On the server end:  I have 2 drives.  HDB has 2 FAT32 partitions, HDB1 and 
HDB2.  HDA is the system drive.

Maybe I am going about this wrong, but here is what I am doing:  In init.d 
I have a /bin/bash file that contains one line of script to mount the 
drive:  mount -w /dev/hdb1 /mnt/data1 (I created the data1 folder in the 
mnt directory)  There are symlinks to this file in RC3.d and RC5.d.

The script is executing fine, but when the machine comes up, the 
/mnt/data1 folder has a root as owner and root as group.  I tried to 
create a group just for smb users and give the group write priveledges to 
/mnt/data1, but I cannot modify the attributes (chmod) of /mnt/data1 once 
it has been mounted.   Is there a flag on the mount command that will let 
me specify write permissions to ordinary real users?

By the way I did purchase Kara's book, RHCE exam cram, and think it is an 
excellent resource even for those not interested in becoming certified.  
Thanks Kara.


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