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Re: tomorrow^Wtonight's meeting

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 12:33:31PM -0600, Danny Sauer wrote:
> Job search strategies? ;)

On that note, I've been thinking for some time that a local Linux/Open
Source job board thingy might be a good thing to add to the web
site...  Any of you unemployed (or even gainfully employed) people
feel like doing some web development?

(Watch as Steve cleverly dodges giving himself even more work...)

> Have you guys (we?) done anything on, say, version controlling config files
> with CVS or RCS or the like?

I've actually been known to keep firewall scripts in RCS on individual
boxes.  It's handy, although I find that I forget to commit changes...
(Plus, here's a tip...  Make a "commit" alias or something that runs
"ci -l".  It's a Bad Thing when you forget the "-l".)

> If Kara's found any more on video editing / mastering, I'd be
> interested in hearing about that too.

We were out of town for the holiday, so I'm pretty sure she hasn't
made any progress.  The firewire card is still sitting on her desk.
(I'm still very curious to know if that works.  I guess I need to
update the Hardware HOWTO...)

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