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Re: console to com1

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 08:50:22PM -0600, Mike808 wrote:
> Jeff Licquia wrote:
> > An interesting point I learned while looking up the exact kernel command
> > line: you can also do parallel port consoles.  Why you'd want to do such
> > a thing is beyond me.
> Because they can go to 115Kbps, whereas serial ports will usually only support
> up to 38.4kbps. But, higher speed consoles only gets you shorter cable runs,
> with parallel limited to about what a KVM will get you. So, I guess, now
> that I think about it, why you'd want to do that other than "because you can"
> is beyond me as well.

Because you've already got a laplink cable laying under your desk and don't
feel like spending a few dollars on a serial cable just to hook up that POS
old machine you wanna play with?  Because you've got two external modems on
a dial-in machine and don't wanna spring for a video card or extra serial
card?  Because you think that having a really thick cable looks far more
impressive and don't wanna spend $40 for one of those crazy big DB25 router
serial cables?  Because you've got a parallel switch box laying around and
want a cheap KVM replacement? :)

--Danny, who doesn't actually have any cables laying under his desk (they're
all hanging over a closet door)

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