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This is an interesting problem!

Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar to you. I got a
computer running windows. The drive is 2.5 gigs (old).
It is known that the drive has some bad clusters. so
one the drive can't be detected. I tried to reboot and
the drive is detected but will not make it past DOS.
My opinion was that the drive was starting to crap
out. So, I remove the drive and place this soon to be
garbage drive in another computer that has always
worked very well for me, and set this drive as primary
slave. I boot the machine and it finds the primary
drive(the one that was already in the bax) and after a
minute it finally finds the primary slave (the drive
with the problems). It boots up regularly. I look at
the troubled drive in explorer and it seems corrupted
beyond repair. So i shut the machine down I remove the
the trouble drive(primary slave) and reboot. Now The
drive that was already the machine (the good one)
can't be detected. So Now I am stuck with two drives
that won't work. Have any of you ever heard of
anything like this?


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