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Re: apache exploit

I saw this notice just yesterday. For those of us compiling from src, do 
you know if the mod_ssl team has come up with a tar.gz file for 1.3.26? 
The last I saw, modssl.org only had a downloadable file for 1.3.24.

Any recommendations there?

Thanks -c

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Steven Pritchard wrote:

> For all of you running Apache, you should be aware that there is a
> potentially exploitable hole in every very version of Apache up to a
> day or two ago.  Now would be a very good time to upgrade.  ("apt-get
> update && apt-get upgrade" should work for Red Hat users using the FTP
> site.  I still wish one of you Debian users would let me know what, if
> anything, I need to do so it works for you too.)
> Steve

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