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Re: LVM management question

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 07:58:32AM -0800, Robert Threet wrote:
> Is anybody using this?

I am on several systems now.

> I have it installed. Now I need to increase the size. So far, the
> docs are pretty confusing and not much help. Google searches return a
> lot of bum useless links. What's the quick-n-dirty howto for making
> an LVM larger?

First, unmount the filesystem.  Then, let's assume that you have a
/dev/vg00/lv05 that you want to expand (or reduce) to 10GB.  You'd
just run this:

    e2fsadm -L 10G /dev/vg00/lv05

Of course, I'm assuming that the filesystem is ext2 or ext3 (and you
have a recent e2fsprogs with resize2fs).  If you are using another
filesystem, you'll have to do the whole thing manually with whatever
tool resizes your filesystem and lvextend/lvreduce.

I'm also assuming that you have room to expand in your volume group.
If you need to expand the volume group, you'll need to use pvcreate
and vgextend.

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