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Networking crazyness

I need help - I'm about to go insane.  My network is driving me crazy.  Check
this out:

Windows XP box, XP2400.  SiS integrated ethernet.  
Slack Linux 8.1 box (2.4.22 kernel).  Linksys LNE100TX network card.
Linksys 8 Port 10/100 Hub.

Transferring from Linux to Windows:  3 - 7MB/sec.
Transferring from Windows to Linux:  40 - 200K/sec, with about 200 - 300
collisions per 10 seconds.

Both systems were operating at 100basetx, half duplex.  

When I change the windows box to 10baset, half duplex, I get a much better
850ish K/sec.. standard for 10BT.

The odd thing is, this only seemed to happen after upgrading to 2.4.22.  Until
just before thanksgiving, I was running 2.4.18.  Unfortunately I didn't keep
that kernel, otherwise I'd boot it again and see if it suddenly worked.

Please, can anyone provide any rhyme or reason as to what's going on?

Nearly homicidal,

--Damacus Porteng: damacus@munich.com & damacus@bastion.yi.org
--Webpage: http://bastion.yi.org/~damacus/ (PGP on site)
--IRC: net=irc.galaxynet.org nick=damacus chan=#cronus
--Me: PHP Web Developer, Student, Computer/Linux Geek.

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--Car: 1993 Emerald Green Ford Taurus SHO (5spd) (114K mi.)
--Name: Sheeva -- 'Charming' (Iranian) or 'Good, Peace' (Irish)
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