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MandrakeMove Review up

Jay Truesdale has put up an excellent review of the upcoming Mandrake Move


Let us know what you think of it:


As a special bonus, assuming you all think the review "worthy", Jay will get a
fully licensed Mandrake Move on release, courtesy of ArchLUG. :=)

For our next project, ArchLUG is sponsoring a Xandros 2.0 review. When it
becomes available on the 16th, the lucky chosen applicant will get to keep a
licensed Xandros 2.0 Deluxe (the version with Codeweaver Crossover Office) -- an
$89 value!

Send me an email or post to the Xandros2Review page at:


If you do decide to post your email to the kwiki page:

  #1 - use a comment (a line that starts with '#')
  #2 - use the form "name near domain" instead of the usual "at" or "@" form.

We'll be selecting the reviewer on the 16th (or as soon as it's available), and
the reviewer will have two weeks to write the review, and another three days for
you to pass/fail the review on whether or not s/he gets the licensed Xandros.

Also, if you're interested in a specific distro or would like to do a review,
let me know. We're contemplating a LindowsOS review as well.



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