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Re: GNU mirror going away

> > Besides, I don't like to mirror from intermediate sites, since that
> > doubles the number of systems I have to trust.
> Then mirror more than one thing from ANL. Besides, that will 
> then *reduce* 
> the number of systems you have to trust. :=)
No, it increases it by 1.  He has to trust ANL and the source
that ANL gets it information.

> > I won't mirror from ANL, but I might mirror from SuSE directly.
> It's a *mirror*. Who cares where it's from? Your position 
> makes no sense.

Makes sense to me.  If I download something from luci, I have to
trust that luci hasn't been hacked, and Steve isn't trying to
pull a fast one.  The more links in the chain, the bigger the
opportunity for a problem.

> Unless its an ego thing that you being able to mirror from a 
> primary site is
> somehow more "special" than any other mirror? But that's 
> orthogonal to the 
> whole point of a "mirror" -- to be an exact duplicate of the 
> original. They're
> all the same, so no "mirror" is any better or worse than any 
> other "mirror".

Yes, but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world where
everyone is honest, everyone is competent, and no one makes
mistakes.  The longer the chain, the more likely there is a 
problem.  I say good for Steve for trying to limit the risk.


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