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Xandros 2.0 - new lower price for LUGs

Xandros will be shipping the 2.0 release on the 18th.

They're taking pre-orders at $89 a copy until the end of the month. 
(plus about $13 S&H) (for the Deluxe version w/ Codeweavers Crossover Office).

You can pre-order yourself directly on-line at:


***UPDATE*** Xandros cut us a better deal. Down to $54 a copy, delivered!

However, for any area/regional LUG members, ArchLUG is putting together a bulk
order, and it looks like we can get the price down to about $54 a copy
delivered. All savings are being passed on directly to LUG members.

I've placed the order with a couple "extra" (but can get more), so contact me
any way you know how if you're interested. We'll be delivering them per
arrangement or at upcoming LUG meetings COD.

We'll also be trying to get some nice "official" Eval copies for those so
interested as well. If not, we'll be downloading and burning some. The
"eval" version has a 30-minute shutdown cripple, but is otherwise fully



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