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Re: Fedora Core == Linux? -- I gotta make a FAQ on this ...

On Sun, 2003-12-21 at 01:28, Steven Pritchard wrote:
> I have to say that I couldn't agree with that more...  I have really
> only started being a bit of a fan of Red Hat recently.  Originally I
> started using Red Hat because they were the first real distribution
> with usable package management, and stuck with them because I couldn't
> see any real value in switching.  Lately I really think they've
> started doing a lot of things right, from hiring a lot of kernel
> developers to (recently) actually taking community input (finally).

Red Hat is far from perfect.  And some of their moves are ... well,
commercial!  But they "underpromise and overdeliver" -- that's their
internal motto.  Seeing how they stick with GPL development throughout
their company, combined with often supporting things they do not
officially state they do, I've been pleasantly surprised again and again
and again over the years.

Sure, Red Hat tries to get exclusionary contracts with some companies. 
That's just smart business.  But unlike Windows, you're not stuck going
with one vendor for your software down the road if you don't like the
deal Red Hat is giving you.  Heck, even the stuff Red Hat develops and
sell in their "Enterprise" version is GPL, so you _can_ find it in a
competitor's distro anytime they want to adopt it!

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