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Re: Fedora Core == Linux?

On Sat, Dec 20, 2003 at 04:13:45PM -0600, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Me?  I'm shouving out $179 for a 2 year subscription to RHEL WS in
> February when I upgrade to dual-Opteron.

Good heavens, why?  :-)

My Opteron (which is probably going to be dismanted temporarily in a
couple of days, *sniff*) is happily running the FC1 test release for
AMD64.  It looks pretty good to me, although video card troubles are
slowing down my testing considerably.  It's a shame we don't have a
meeting tomorrow...  I would have brought the thing up to show it to
everyone.  Hopefully I'll have it re-assembled by the January meeting.

Oh, and if you need a vendor for that dual Opteron, please talk to me.

> I'm planning to run FC under UML (and have repeatedly suggested
> to Red Hat that it is in their best interest for RHEL sales to make sure
> it comes with a UML package, and release FC in a UML bundle).

As it happens, I have a FC1 image for UML (and kernel & utils rpms) if
you need it.

steve@silug.org           | Southern Illinois Linux Users Group
(618)398-7360             | See web site for meeting details.
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.silug.org/

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