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[OT] My position fell through, so I'm looking for work to stayaround ...

All --

There's been a problem with my position since before my first day (but
after I relocated up here).  Long story short, the company I work for is
a vendor with a client, and the client decided to re-evaluate vendors. 
I had been sticking around because the client was interested in me
individually (regardless of other circumstances), but that's not going
to happen for various reasons (and I'm not going to burn some bridges
with this vendor to appease the client, as well as myself).

Other than spending a few days with the client a couple of weeks ago,
I've managed to snag a few hours consulting on the side so it wasn't a
total waste.  I always seem to know 1-2 companies in any area who say,
"if you're ever in-town, let us know."  But all of those have been
short-term assignments, and I don't think there's much more to keep me
here.  Hence this e-mail ...

First off, I wouldn't mind sticking around another month if there is
some contract work.  It doesn't have to be anything with a potential for
full-time (although that would be nice).  If you are interested in my
services anytime during the month of November (or even longer), they
feel free to ask for my resume.  But please do so in short-time.

If I don't get any bites, I'll probably be returning to Orlando over the
weekend.  Thanx for putting up with this off-topic post (let alone the
others prior).

Bryan J. Smith                                  b.j.smith@ieee.org 
"Communities don't have rights. Only individuals in the community
 have rights. ... That idea of community rights is firmly rooted
 in the 'Communist Manifesto.'" -- Michael Badnarik

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