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Xandros Newsletter -- BE, de, and fr editions

Xandros Desktop OS Business Edition Ready to Launch in May

Folks, the long wait is almost over. For those of you holding out for the new Business release, you'll be happy to know that the V3 Business Edition is set to launch in May. To see what is new in our version 3 releases, please visit What's new in v3. The new Business Edition also incorporates a number of other enhancements made since the V3 Standard and Deluxe Edition launch in December 2004. These include:
* Improved support on wireless networking devices
* 802.11g with WPA support has been added to the extent of device driver availability
* An easy-to-use, click-and-connect access point finder
* A NDISwrapper utility to load and configure the Windows device driver for your wireless card.
* Support of both uni-processor and SMP 2.6.11 kernel
* X.org 6.8.2
* Major Encrypted Home Folder enhancements, including key recovery
* Xandros Antivirus with full integration with Xandros File Manager
* Personal Firewall Wizard enhancements
* Skype Internet calling
* We also made major improvements to Windows domain authentication and networking to correct performance issues on large 10,000+ nodes Windows networks. We have been working with our large enterprise customers who are on 10,000+ nodes across trusted domains to bring you these enhancement based on real world experience.

Xandros Looking for German and French Beta Testers
As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are in the process of producing French and German versions of Xandros Desktop OS. We are seeking help from those of you who live in Europe in beta testing these new products. We will be looking for language and locale-specific feedback on applications and hardware. If you wish to become a beta tester or have any French or German friends who may be interested, please send (or ask your friend to send) an e-mail to betateam@xandros.com with the following information:
Language (German or French)
* Name
* Phone
* Country
* Company
* Computer experience in years
* Hardware platform
* Peripherals
* Internet access method
* Ability to test in a corporate network environment
* Selected applicants will hear from us in two to three weeks.

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