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Thinkpad 760EL floppy?

So, I've come into an IBM Thinkpad 760EL.  It has a CD drive, and the 
ability to boot from just about anything *but* the CD drive.  Argh.  It's 
also got Windows NT 4.0 installed, which is not my first choice o' 
Operating Systems.  Or the second choice.  It might make the top 10, but 
just barely.  Anyway, my options appear to be 1) take the hard drive out, 
hook it to an adapter, and do an install on a PC or 2) obtain a floppy 
drive (or a token ring network interface, which it could apparently boot 
from - why anyone would have booted their P133 laptop from a network, I'll 
probably  never know).

"Great story, Danny, but why'd you post it to the list?"  Well, I'm hoping 
someone might have an "ultradrive" floppy drive that might work in this 
machine, which they might be willing to part with for a couple of days (or 
sell cheap, I guess).  I'm gonna have to put a fair amount of time into 
getting anything set up on this thing, so I'd like to limit the financial 
outlay. :)

Drop me a line at luci@dannysauer.com if you can help (replies to the 
cloudmaster.com account may be missed).

--Danny, who can't remember what aliases he's subscribed under, and is far 
too lazy to check

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