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Re: Next Weeks Topic?

I let this message set for a couple of days to see if the experienced users
had a topic. If the following suggestion is vetoed in lieu of a more
advanced topic I have no objection because even with no topic at all I'm
happy to sit and just listen to everyone talk about what they've stumbled
onto in the last couple of weeks. 

The only thing I have to offer at this time is the ability to demo the
interchange storefront software running on redhat with some stores I have
operating, and the installation and demos of OSCommerce PostNuke, MDPro and
Gallery which are my favorite php web-applications so far along with some
pros and cons of each.

Also some demos of the tools I use to manage the sites once their up.

Not sure how structured I can be about the whole ordeal but I'll do my best
to keep it interesting enough to avoid sleeping :-)


> Hi folks,
>     Steve P. is unlikely to be able to present at next weeks meeting,
> and I don't have anything of interest that I'm working on right now
> (unless you want to see me edit .doc files so I can update .pdf files).
>     Does anyone in the group have a topic that they would like to lead
> or present? I'm willing to provide the normal venue.
> Erich

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