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FTP server disk allocation

Steven Pritchard wrote ..
>   129G    ftp.debian.org

Is that really accurate? Wow.

What is that? stable, testing, and unstable? Or is that prior releases too?

My point is that does anyone really need Buzz/Rex/Bo/Hamm for MIPS? In Hangul or Lithuanian? (no offense meant).
More specifically, does anyone in the LUCI/SILUG/ArchLUG (Saint Louis/midwest) region care enough about
these for Steve to allocate the limited/valuable disk space resources that KSPEI has to them?

You'd be better off burning that stuff to a CD or DVD left in a network-mountable drive.

Or take a vote. I'd love to see Xandros/Kubuntu/Ubuntu mirrors, and wouldn't mind giving up
a big chunk of that 129GB of Debian mirroring to get it.

Is there a way to "virtualize" the mirror via redirects to sections of the repository not carried locally?
i.e. for the 390, 68k, ia64, and pa-risc ports, or the proposed-updates for example.
Thus freeing up space for other things.


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