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Re: FTP server disk allocation

Steven Pritchard wrote ..
> The layout of the Debian archive doesn't lend itself to pruning.

That's a shame.

> > Is there a way to "virtualize" the mirror via redirects to sections of
> > the repository not carried locally? i.e. for the 390, 68k, ia64, and
> > pa-risc ports, or the proposed-updates for example. Thus freeing up
> > space for other things.
> Not that I'm aware of.

Maybe you should take a look at "mod_rewrite".... :=)
Oh, wait. That won't work for FTP...

> My current plan is to replace the big SCSI array 

Hey, we got at least two years out of it, and we all chipped in for it,
so basically, we've been using them for pretty much free. Not a bad ride
all around.

Maybe there's some money to be had in the disks and maybe the power supplies.
i.e. just part it out on eBay. Those 50GB SCSI drives are bringing in $18 each
on eBay, and that's NOT the SCA (hot swap) ones like we have.

And I saw a Seagate Barracuda ST150176LW 50GB SCA SCSI going 
on eBay for $45 (buy-it-now!) with $12 shipping.

Overstock.com has it for $39

So, even if we get $15 each, that's still $150+ that can be put
towards the replacements. Maybe pass the hat again?

And I think the manuals are here:

See http://www.silug.org/lists/silug-discuss/200212/msg00000.html
for the background.

Here's the raid array, FYI.

Here's the Xyratex sister product, FYI.

> This also has the nice side bonus of significantly reducing our power
> requirements at the house...

But it wouldn't keep it as warm during these cold winter nights either... :-)


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