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Re: This was posted on Digg.com -- Linux Distribution blog/article

Danny Sauer <sauer@cloudmaster.com> wrote:
> Graphical installer, able to install binary packages for a
> gnome/OOo/firefox/thunderbird system as well as the LiveCD
> kernel/initrd which does some basic hardware detection and
> an Xorg.conf which works on a lot of hardware.  Available
> variants built for x86, ia64, and ppc64. :)

I'm not using such.  I prefer Anaconda far more, especially
the new one in Fedora Core 5 that allows YUM repository
tapping dynamically at install-time.

In my case, I'm building specific run-time images for fixed
hardware that never changes.  If any 1 piece of hardware
would change, then I'd have to recertify that configuration
with a new build (in addition to any updates due to software
updates, which are done regularly).

> As a related aside, I used Gentoo for about a year on
> several production systems.  I had specific versions
> built binaries on a single system for distribution to the
> other systems, etc.
> It was a bigger pain in the butt than just running a
> distro

In the great and overwhelming number of cases, I agree with
you.  I've basically only maintained 2 Gentoo run-times in my
life -- one Internet server, one embedded.

> Gentoo desperately needs some damned quality control,

It will _never_ get it by its very nature.  The control
required would change how Gentoo works.

> in the form of a "stable means more than 'works for
> me'" stick applied to the heads of several of the package
> maintainers.

Again, it will _never_ by its very nature.  Gentoo is little
more than a tool for source code rebuilding a Linux run-time
IMHO, and doesn't qualify as a "distro" because you're the
one in charge of making such.

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