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PPC Debian (was Digg)

Danny Sauer wrote ..
> ... I spent a solid couple of weeks trying to
> get some multi-drive firewire enclosures to work on a PPC running
> Gentoo, and finally found out that the drives were supported in the
> mainline kernels since a long time ago - but Gentoo's kernel patches
> removed the support due to being based on a relatively old kernel.
> Since then, I've read about several other problems with the Gentoo
> kernels which aren't in the vanilla kernels.  That was the nail in the
> coffin.  It just ain't cool to patch a kernel to fix a problem on one
> person's obscure hardware/software combo without regard to how it'll
> affect the hundreds of people using more common stuff, and then saying
> "yeah, it's stable".  Testing on one machine does not verify stability
> for public distribution.

Since you're talking about PPC and Linux, and in particular on
an embedded platform, I thought that I'd throw out there that the
Debian PPC package repositories are compiled with hardware FP.

I have, for example, the BlackDog, which is a PPC embedded system
that does not have hardware FP support, and so you run into performance
issues with trying to run the stock Debian binary packages on this

However, rebuilding from source with Debian is just two or three
commands away.

I might see about attending bringing the Jan SILUG meeting if there is enough interest
and give people a close-up look-see and demo. It really is a pretty nifty device.


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