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OT: Full Time Job

We have an opening for a full time geek.

Responsibilities will vary, depending on experience.  Some of the things 
we need include:

* On-site customer service and support
* On-site consulting & sales
* In-store service and repair
* In-store hardware expert

Technical requirements:

* Windows Desktop (98/Me/2000/XP/MCE/ETC)
* Internet Applications
* Networking Stuff
* Advanced Hardware Experience HUGE Bonus
* Linux experience not required, but willingness to learn a must.

Candidates should be comfortable talking to business clients and 
explaining tasks at user level.  Candidate may do some business to 
business sales but will be responsible for some on-site customer service 
and support.  A candidate who can also solder would be a huge huge huge 

This person will spend time doing repairs in-store when not on-site.  The 
job is 40 hours, and there is some flexibility wrt schedules.  Being 
available to close (12-8pm) during the week would be a very good thing.  I 
can accomodate Sun - Thu or Mon - Fri.

I don't want to work around school schedules, and I strongly prefer 
someone who already has some work experience in this field.  Knowledge of 
the area and any regional businesses would also be a bonus.

Salary will vary, depending on experience and will be reviewed in 60-90 
days to evaluate performance and ongoing payrates. We do not hire on 

Casual working environment.  Must be OK around kids, since Emma is almost 
always here.  Must have own transportation. Must be detail oriented.  Neat 
freak is a nice bonus too.

Position is open immediately.  Email or call me if you (or someone you 
know who is actually really good, and not just someone you think is really 
nice) is interested.

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-3000
President, KS Computer Room Inc.	kara@kspei.com
Southern Illinois Linux Users Group	www.silug.org

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