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Postfix LDAP relaying

I'm having some problems with Postfix. I'm trying to make it lookup email 
addresses in a LDAP database, where it's not the final delivery machine 
for an email address, but I want it to lookup that email address and 
resolve it to the proper machine address


I send email via this server to joe@thedomain.com

The server looks up joe@domain.com and his actual address is joe@yahoo.com 
and forwards it on.

- or -

I send an email via the server to judy@thedomain.com

The server does the lookup and discovers that the actual address is 

I already have the LDAP populated and in use by other machines, and it 
looks like this

dn: uid=joe@thedomain.com,dc=thedomain,dc=com
uid: joe@thedomain.com
objectClass: top
objectClass: thedomainMail
structuralObjectClass: thedomainMail
thedomainMailDrop: joe@yahoo.com

so far if I setup mydestination as thedomain.com Postfix does the lookup, 
but then attempts to deliver the mail to a local user. I can see it do the 
first lookup OK, to check the user is in the LDAP database, and is a valid 
user, which it does at the RCPT TO: stage, but then the second lookup 
after the DATA command has been sent and terminated looks weird.


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