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GRUB 1 Issues

I have an old remote system, running GRUB v1 and I have neither physical, 
nor console access, so I have to be very careful about not breaking it in 

I have two kernels installed, but it will not boot the new kernel, it 
always seems to default to the original one, no matter how I twiddle with 

I need to be able to boot into the new kernel to continue updating it, all 
the packages rely on the new kernel.

Are there any logging options, or tips I can use to try and debug what is 

I've done the obvious, grep'd the bootloader sector to make sure it's 
running GRUB not LILO, I've edited the menu.lst on the backup drive as 
well as the main drive, I've run bootinfoscript, nothing seems to explain 
why the new kernel, which is listed first in the menu.lst is not being 

I can't update anything, or re-install anything, or even compile anything, 
until I get this new kernel to boot, I'm rather stuck.


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