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Re: Galesburg LUG event

Kara Pritchard wrote:
> Hey guys!
> I just ran across a LUG that's in Galesburg, only a couple hour drive from
> Springfield.  One of their members was telling me about a festival of
> theirs, that they're doing something neat with.  If you're available,
> maybe we can run up there and check them out!
> I'll be heading out that Sunday for Red Hat's office, so it's questionable
> if I'll be able to go.. but.. anyone interested in a field trip?  If so,
> maybe we can car pool up their on Saturday afternoon? I've got room for 3!
> ;-)
> -Kara
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> What:  Galesburg Railroad Days Festival
> When:  June 25th, 26th, and 27th
> Where: Downtown Galesburg Illinois on Interstate 74
> Why:   LUGGA (Linux Users Group of the Galesburg Area)  I going to demo
> Wireless Lan through Linux on the street at a street fair.  There will
> also be mud volleyball and other fun diversions.  LUGGA would love to have
> anyone interested come by and chat with us.  We can fill you in on what we
> are doing and touch base about what you are doing with Linux.

Did anyone make it to this Galesburg thing?  I've thought about a
Wireless LAN, but stopped after seeing the prices for all the stuff. 
Anyway, I was just wondering what they had, how it went, etc. as I was
out of town all weekend.


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