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Re: Linux Demo Day UPDATE

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 09:05:58PM -0500, Kara Pritchard wrote:
> It's official! I finally got Best Buy to "Okay" the use of their
> facilities.


> Schedule:
> Saturday, September 18
> 10am - 6pm
> I'm sure most of us will stay all day, but we need at least 4 people
> (besides me, steven, and jason) at the tables at *all* times.  Please
> sign up for the following slots. I'd like to see each LUCI participant
> there at *least* an hour. Thanks.

I plan to be there all day.

> Here's what we need:
> A Mac
> A couple more really nice Intel boxes with LOTS of Ram. A DUAL machine
> (poke poke Lee) would be fun.
> Possibly a single alternative platform, such as a really bitchin Alpha,
> simply for Eye Candy.
> If anyone has interesting stuff to show, like interfacing with Quick Cams,
> Digital Cameras, Palm Pilots, cool stuff like that lemme know.  I bet
> Jeff's Happy Hacker Keyboard would be fun, and perhaps pull together all
> you guy's X10 appliance plugs together and have some lamp fun or
> something.. Time a light display or something ;)

I can bring my system; it's nothing special except as a good thing to
hang cool stuff off of.  I can attach the keyboard, my Palm, and
Tami's digital camera, and perhaps work up some demo for them
(although we should be careful who gets to handle these).  I also have 
one of those digital displays that run off LCDproc.

I also have WP and Applix, and could likely get StarOffice, KOffice,
and the GNOME office stuff going.  Perhaps a demo of "Netscape 5,
early alpha" (Mozilla M9) would be cool as well.

If anyone's interested, I could possibly have a Sparc IPC going by

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