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"Mastering Algorithms with C" from O'Reilly (fwd)

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Subject: "Mastering Algorithms with C" from O'Reilly

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September 1, 1999

O'Reilly Publishes a Practical Approach to Algorithms with C

SEBASTOPOL, CA-O'Reilly and Associates, well-known (and respected)
publishers of technical books, has ventured down the well-worn path of
algorithm book publishing with two new algorithm books with a decidedly
O'Reilly flavor. The just-released Mastering Algorithms with Perl book
is the first book ever to focus on using algorithms in Perl. Mastering
Algorithms with C, also just-released, takes a new approach to a
somewhat older subject.

There are many books on data structures and algorithms, but Mastering
Algorithms with C, by Kyle Loudon, gives you a unique combination of
theoretical background and working code. In offering robust solutions
for everyday programming tasks, Mastering Algorithms with C avoids the
abstract style of most classic data structures and algorithm texts but
still provides all the information you need to understand the purpose
and use of common programming techniques. "This is not a theoretical
book," says O'Reilly editor Andy Oram. "It is an extremely practical
approach to algorithms. The writing style is superb, and the code is
very clean. This code is easy to update, and adaptable to a variety of
situations. Loudon offers a collection of key algorithms that you'll
use over and over again in your career."

"When one studies data structures and algorithms, a fair amount of time
is sent proving their correctness. Consequently, many books on this
subject have an academic feel to them and details such as
implementation and application are left to be resolved elsewhere," says
author Kyle Loudon. "This book covers how and why certain data
structures and algorithms work, real applications that use them
(including many examples) and their implementation. Mathematical rigor
appears only to the extent necessary in explanations."

Implementations, as well as interesting, real-world examples of each
data structure and algorithms, are shown in the text. Full source code
appears on the accompanying disk.

Loudon shows you how to use such essential data structures as lists,
stacks, queues, sets, trees, heaps, priority queues, and graphs. He
shows you how to use algorithms for sorting, searching, numerical
analysis, data compression, data encryption, common graph problems, and
computational geometry. He also describes the relative efficiency of
all implementations. The compression and encryption chapters not only
give you working code for reasonably efficient solutions, they explain
concepts in an approachable manner for people who never have had the
time or expertise to study them in depth.

Anyone with a basic understanding of the C language can use this book.

For more information about Mastering Algorithms with C, including Table
of Contents, index, author bio, and sample chapter, see:

For a cover graphic in jpeg format go to:


Mastering Algorithms with C 
By Kyle Loudon
1st Edition August 1999 (US) 
1-56592-453-3, 560 pages, $34.95 (US$), Includes Diskette
(800) 998-9938

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