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Perl Error

 Hello again, all. Cloudmaster, thanks for the assistance with Apache a
few days ago. Everything is up and running.

 I am having another error that is not directly related to Linux, but I'm
hoping you all will indulge me.

 I am trying to run this application, and everytime I execute it, I keep 
getting a Substitution loop error relating to one of the Perl modules on
my machine. I have re-installed that particular module, and am still 
getting the same error.

 Any ideas as to what I should do from here? Thanks.

Adam Van Pelt

Motion Internet                                 Adam Van Pelt
A Division of CyberCity Communications, Inc.    Technical Support
219 N. Main St.                                 Phone: (217) 483-7900
Chatham, IL 62629                               http://www.motion.net

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