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Re: Meeting Agendas and Organization

"Burke, Jason" wrote:

> Anyway, I've decided that if I keep babbling about this sooner
> or later everyone is going to put in their two cents =). It's just
> a matter of time now. Well, I gotta run,

ok.. How about one cent? Sounds like the meetings are getting a little more
structure.. Great!
Unfortunately my schedule has been insane lately and have missed the last
few meetings :-(
I really get a lot out of them (most of the time), but having two *seperate*
levels of discussion would enhance the utility of the group for beginners
and intermediate level users. The idea of going over all the commands we
(you) use daily and never think about would be great beacause I hear several
of you talk about commands that you apparently use quite often, yet I have
no idea what they are. This would allow me an oportunity to 'catch up' a
little. This suggestion of allowing the beginners to escape inbetween the
two 'sections' might be a little premature. If the break occurs a little
after the tech stuff is started, this will give the beginner a chance to see
if it is something that he is interested in or just to give him a heads up
of what he can expect when he grows into the guru that he will be. I know...
it looks like two cents worth, but after you deduct for spelling, grammar
and content, I hope there is still one cent worth of drivel.

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