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Re: SQL Reviews.

At 01:32 PM 11/13/99 +0100, you wrote:

>Which Linux SQL implementation(s) are preferred,
>and for what reasons?

At work, we use PostgreSQL (or postgres, as we call it).  It is quite nice 
and robust, supporting ODBC connectivity to Oracle, Micro$uck's SQL, and 
Micro$uck's Jet Engine.  It has quite a few features that make it excellent 
in the Enterprise (My current project using this database involves tracking 
all the state agencies' Year 2000 readiness for the Illinois Technology 
Office, not a small matter at all - we've got literally over a million 
records).  Postgres works well with scripting through Perl, Pascal, even 
C++ - depending on what you're after.  Most of the state of Illinois Year 
2000 project's web site directly interfaces with this database.  We like 
it.  (And who said the government wouldn't go for Linux?  If only they 
knew...  heh heh heh).

See http://www.postgresql.org for details and information


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